Kensington Presenter Expert Green Laser with Cursor Control K72426EU

Present like a true professional with the Kensington Presenter Expert which features a green laser and cursor control – ideal for much bigger, brightly lit rooms. Traditional red lasers often pose vision problems on LCD and plasma screens, especially when in brighter environments. That’s why the bold green laser point is specifically designed to be brighter than the red laser, ensuring that you can make your point, loud and clear in any type of room, on any kind of display.

The wireless Kensington presentation remote features an intuitive four button design, making it easy for you to navigate your way through your presentation slides. Move from presenter mode to cursor control mode at the touch of a button and you’ll have full control over the cursors’ direction. The presenter features 2.4GHz wireless, providing a reliable connection at all times and gives you room to move freely – up to 150ft (50m) away. The USB receiver is stored inside the presenter device itself so you don’t misplace it.

With green backlit buttons, the Kensington K72426EU presenter can be easily seen when the lights are set low during your presentation. Designed for desktop PC’s and laptops, the green laser remote control for presentations is the perfect accessory for maximum control over your slideshow.

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