Fineliner Pens that are perfect for bullet journal, write and draw super-fine 0.8 mm lines with the BIC Intensity 0.7 felt tip pen’s special 0.7 mm tip for extra precision

Create notes that get noticed with this pack of 4vivid fashion assorted felt tip pens to keep everything organised.

Delicate yet rugged fineliners with a metal-shielded felt tip that stands up to any edge to draw perfect lines with rulers and templates.

Stay on the right page with the BIC Intensity 0.7 felt tip’s first-class technology – no bleeding, no smudging, no problem on most papers.

Notes organized, pens organized: these felt tip pens have a decorative wrap that matches their caps, so they’ll always be reunited.

Bic Intensity Fineliner Class Assorted Pens


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