Standard Thermal Binding Covers 9mm White (25) 45448

Binding doesn’t get any simpler! With the GBC ThermaBind™ system, you can achieve a perfect-bound ‘paperback book look’ in seconds to give your documents a truly professional, ‘published’ feel.
The secret lies in the unique, pre-formed ThermaBind™ Covers containing a high contact adhesive strip. The glue penetrates into the fibres of the paper to form a totally secure spine and permanently bound pages that are great for filing, stacking and mailing. It’s a quick, clean process with no need for fiddly holes, tapes or fasteners.
All ThermaBind™ Covers come with 150-micron transparent front covers for easy reading of the title page. You can then choose from three types of white back covers (Standard, Optimal or PET) or two types of embossed finishes – LinenWeave™ or LeatherGrain™ – enabling you to customise documents to suit the content, your audience and your company image.

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