DCS-3411 PoE Day/Night Fixed Network Camera

D-link DCS-3411 is a versatile day and night wireless network camera, ideal for small-to-medium business applications and remote monitoring capabilities over the Internet. The camera employs a superior CMOS sensor with low lux sensitivity to deliver a truly superior image quality under varied lighting conditions. The DCS-3411 is equipped with 2 digital input ports for sensors or alarms, 1 digital output port for an alarm, 1 power output port for an lED illuminator and a bnC connector which provides both analog and digital interface video transmissions. 802.3af compliant Power over Ethernet (PoE) eases the installation process by providing both data and power connection through a single cable. An RS-485 port is also included for external pan/tilt devices. In addition, the 12v interface provides power for an optional lED illuminator. A built-in Infrared Cut Removable (ICR) f lter in the DCS-3411 allows the camera to capture images in both good light and low light conditions
by switching the infrared cut f lter. Additional items such as an auto iris lens, IR lED lens, a night vision illuminator and an outdoor enclosure can be added to the DCS-3411.

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